‚ÄčThe company begun in 1978 in the commercial fur trade. Paolo Manetti, the company's founder, had the idea of moving into production from the outset, thanks also to his wife, Iliana, designer and pattern maker, who has always been attentive to trends in fashion, design and art. The choice of a different style from those already present on the market, marked the start of a project that aimed to offer extremely innovative and essential items. Achieving success at home in Italy was the first step in a process that was to see MANETTI garner great attention in foreign markets in the 1980s. Remaining true to its own identity, and producing clothing that was easily identifiable as its own, helped the company to create real market niches. 

At a time when flashy forms prevailed, MANETTI's items were distinguished by clean lines, bold yet harmonious combinations and the precision of each and every detail. It was in these years that the designer, Gordon Leonard Clarke, sought out new experiences, and proposed bold colours and revolutionary models that were much shorter and lighter. This choice would determine the ultimate success of the brand, which prefers understated sensuality, enhanced by snug-fitting materials and shapes to the typical industry glitz. This success was accompanied by a new internal organization, which saw increases in staff and a more developed organization. 

The role of the Manetti family, however, remains unchanged: Paul continues to lead the company supported by his wife, Iliana, his daughters, Angela e Chiara, and his grandson David. Today the MANETTI brand is synonymous with cutting-edge style and harmony, new and elegant solutions, and is a blend of Italian tradition and new influences. To this is added the utmost attention to customers' needs and expectations.